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Community Vision

Find your getaway home in a tropical paradise of rustic bamboo bungalows scattered amidst the Savannah plains of whispering grasses, exotic palmettos and subtropical jungle of Southern Belize.

Found only minutes west of Placencia and surrounded by acres of Belizean savannah grasslands lies the majestic community of Bamboo Springs. Here a 250 acre eco-friendly oasis flourishes among nature and offers a sanctity for those looking to escape the urban malaise.  250 Exclusive homesites are scattered throughout the lush vegetation, many offering breathtaking views of the undulating sunsets.  Rustic bamboo bungalow designs will blend into the landscape and provide for an inviting “love affair” with the nature.

Our efforts to create a sustainable community are further enhanced by our 5 acre Ibagari Organic Farms, that will provide fresh, organic fruits and vegetables on sale at our community market. The organic farm will also supply fresh produce to our small Cafe serving delectable farm-to-table meals, from breakfast to dinner. The tropical setting of the Duna Biniwati Pool and Bar offers a perfect getaway for some relaxation, refreshing cocktails or even to catch up on your Ornithology book.

Belize is Beautiful

Belize is a kaleidoscope of beautiful sites and sites for all to behold.  From the magnificent Belize Barrier Reef that quenches the shores, to the mysterious evergreen forests of ancient Mayan civilizations, Belize is truly a nature lover’s paradise.

Life in Belize

Escape to a magical land of breathtaking beauty and untouched wilderness.  A country as rich and vibrant in cultural history as its scenically diverse landscape. Welcome to Belize.

The one thing that draws people to the wonderland of Belize is the promise of unparalled exploration. From the subtropical jungles of the Mayan Mountain range to the majestic underwater spectacle of the Belize Barrier Reef, Belize offers a lifetime of unforgettable adventures.

From scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing and fishing, to hiking, With its unbeatable location being only a short 2.5 flight away from a few major U.S. airports, and with English being the mother tongue, Belize starts feeling much like home.

Explore. Discover. Become. 

Explore the many wonderful sites of Belize and a vibrant world filled with adventure and relaxation will be discovered. This journey into this magical wilderness will bring you closer to becoming one with nature.

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